Hitakshi Jhamtani

I am a 12th grade student from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. On my way exploring my capabilities and with constant efforts to excel in my passion, I started working as a content writer at the Tastefully Loaded LLP. I also work as a student intern at a student led organization, The Politindia. A part of me has always been driven towards art, literature and its wonders, which keeps me enthusiastic and creative. I enjoy reading books. I also run a page on Instagram, expressing my thoughts through my artwork.

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We often land ourselves into trouble concluding on the perfect gesture to express our love to someone special or the very thought of an ideal present leaves us in ambiguity. Without any expectation of reciprocation, gift giving proves to be a splendid way to strengthen relationships and build a stronger emotional connection, either for speculative or genuine motives. Going besides casual gifting, one can add value to the people you care for. Gifting our thoughtfully curated boxes serves as the


Have you ever wondered why we aren’t able to attain the happiness, the joy of accomplishing our goals, the little moments we live for? The more we grow older, comes commitment towards our responsibilities, and with it comes more stress and frustration. We tend to lose ourselves in the entire process, being exhausted and an incomplete whole, the whole which should be full of love, care and happiness. In the midst of chaos our mind and body yearn for some care and love. It needs time to recollect


SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF LOVE TO YOUR GALENTINE, Familiar with the cut-and-dried belief of Valentines, the concept of Galentine’s undoubtedly proves to be exceptional, and excites every BFF who wants to express the extra love for her girl bestie. “With the right ideas in mind, you just need a thoughtful and exceptional gift box which wholeheartedly expresses your love’’. Every woman needs to be appreciated as to how her bond contributes in effortlessly enhancing a relationship with her friends. “

The Four Waves of Feminism

The Four Waves of Feminism: Why do they matter for all women? “The theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” is just another way feminism is defined by every other individual, but we have only little unanimity as to how the waves or phases of modern feminism are characterized. Focusing on politics, culture and academia respectively, each of these traditionally recognized waves are better defined by their goals and mechanisms rather than their distinct time frames. Som